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Maya karya is a start-up that works closely and works online to become The Company of future, including being a real and legalized business locally and globally and Maya Karya in the future will continue to plan and supervise in creating large projects in Indonesia to meet the needs of data centers and other supporting facilities.


Is a small business with an effort to plant on land or small cultivated fields in urban areas where there is nothing like green land that can create a beautiful surrounding environment. NetPotFarm.Tech is a cloud domain that will be purchased in stages from the results of farming and breeding of freshwater ornamental fish in following the business dynamics where during the Covid-19 pandemic, our Farm is a mainstay to keep trying to maintain cloud technology, which is still required by Cord kamoi business in the clouds. Since the beginning of Janmuari Farm, We have been active in selling seeds and seed products through local media and social media. Now NetPotFarm.Tech has been given the rules of the game by the Government of Indonesia as Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), which later through the Ministry of Cooperatives of the Republic of Indonesia, licensing or legality assistance will be given, currently in process. The Indonesian government provides assistance to local entrepreneurs engaged in micro businesses because of the impact of the pandemic from Covid-19


Maya karya is currently conducting services in its interest to adopt digital technology so as to transform services or businesses, through replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing old digital technologies with newer digital technologies. To realize and improve the existing planning, maya karya now decided to raise funds so that the continuity of the project can continue to be an opportunity to be more advanced and more able to develop wisely for the future

```shell The Transform Digital bot device created by Maya works to integrate the system fully into other systems, both in the internal environment (Hard Drive), as well as on external systems (Cloud) on third parties or on other services. —

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